Bagg’s Service Fees

Simplified pricing that takes the worry out of excess fees.
10% Tax-Free Program

Bagg is the ONLY company of its kind in Japan to offer foreign customers the tax-free program.

Bagg offers a variety of international shipping services with simplified pricing so you can see your package on your doorstep without worrying about excess fees.




10% Tax-Free Program (*) YES -
Consolidation Fee FREE 500 - 1000¥
Deposit Processing Fee 4.5% 3.5% - 5%
Personal Shopping Fee
(per Item)
250¥ 300 - 500¥
Or 12% of the purchase value
Storage Free for 30 days then 50¥ / day Free for 30 days then 100¥ / day
Insure your order INCLUDED FREE 500¥ -
Special request 500 - 2000¥ 1000 - 4000¥

(*) Tax-Free Program will only be started processing when your order status is “Delivered”.
The credit will be refunded to your account (Bagg Wallet), and applied to future orders.

Please note: Consumption tax refund must be approved by the Japanese Tax Agency. We charge the customer tax refund processing fee of 2-5% of the order value. That means new customers will get 5% cashback, for loyal customers, it's 8%.